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IN 1964 four young musicians in Florence Italy decided to start a beat band named GLI SPETTRI.
The name comes from the passion for horror movies that they used to watch at the local theatres.
This young kids decided that they had to make an appearance at the local parties, therefore decided to arrive in coffins to the shows and use very powerful 100 Watts GRS amplifiers…. They shortly became among the most followed beat bands in town !
The original band was formed by two brothers Ugo and Raffaele Ponticello ( Vox and Guitar ) Giuliano Giunti ( Bass ) and Ubaldo Pallanti ( Drums )-
After a couple of years, Mauro Sarti replaced Ubaldo on drums for a short period till Giorgio Di Ruvo became the resident drummer. Giuseppe Nenci replaced Giuliano on bass, while Alessio Rogai joined with his Farfisa Professional organ-
“Un Brivido di Freddo” and” Non Eri Per me “are the original recordings in pure beat style of this period-


In 1971 Mauro Sarti founded Campo di Marte, one of the very first innovative prog rock bands in Italy, while, Stefano Melani from I Monaci replaced Alessio with his Hammond Organ-
Later in the same year Vincenzo Ponticello the youngest of the family replaced Giuseppe on bass-
With the arrival of the “new generation” ( Stefano and Vincenzo ) the band starts to change style passing from beat to hard / pop sounds….
Black Sabbath, Spirit, Iron Butterfly ,Deep Purple, King Crimson, ELP are some of the most loved bands-
It is in these years that the band changes the name by dropping the article from GLI SPETTRI to SPETTRI only-
This change of musical style naturally ends in the creation of a 4 parts concept suite.
The story tells of a young guy in search for answers to the violence devastating the world, who decides to ask the afterlife with the help of a medium. The answer he receives is the reflection of his own image and this leads him to insanity-
The concert is played live on many stages and events in Italy, till the band participates to one of the very first national contests called” Estate Insieme” together with Le Orme, Jumbo, New Trolls and others…
The prize won is a professional recording in one of the most prestigious recording studios in Italy of those times : The Phonorama studios, owned by M° Carlo Alberto Rossi-in Milan-
In 4 days of heavy duty sessions the band completes the recording !
However few months after the production calls to say that unfortunately they won’t be able to release the record, as the lyrics will not pass the approval of the Catholic Censura due to the referral to “spiritualist practices”-
The tape is retained by the Producer but fortunately the band has one live recording of this suite made on a ¼” tape recorder.
Spettri keeps on performing their original songs till 1978 when due to financial problems the band decides to change style to be able to gain more gigs…
Now days the band still features 4 members of the original 70’s period:
Ugo Ponticello ( Vox ) Stefano Melani (Keyboards ) Raffaele Ponticello ( Guitar) Vincenzo Ponticello ( Bass)-
Mauro Sarti is back on drums since the 80’s and the young Matteo Biancalani ( sax) is the new addition-